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Hello there! Been a while since I have published a post on my newsletter so I will combine some news:

Startups in Lebanon podcast episode
I was fortunate enough to have Maysaa Ajjan on the pod to discuss about lebanese startups in details! We have discussed a lot of interesting topics regarding this issue in details which you can watch it on YouTube or listen to it on our podcast’s website
#5 - Startups in Lebanon with Maysaa Ajjan | The Reconfigured Podcast
Episode with Sean Falconer
I was fortunate enough to have Sean Falconer as a guest on my podcast, He is the head of developer relations at Skyflow but Sean is also an ex-Google employee and he did his Postdoc at Stanford. You can watch the entire episode on YouTube or listen to it on our podcast’s website
#6 - Sean Falconer: Developer Relation, CTO, Founder, ex-Google, and more | The Reconfigured Podcast
I have made a non tech related Substack!
There are a lot of interesting topics that I like to discuss about but I think they deserve to have their own medium to express them fully hence I have decided to start my own Substack geared towards this (this Substack account will be different than the existing one). All of the topics that are going to be discussed there are non technical so you can enjoy reading to those topics without being cluttered with technical ones
Modern Renaissance | Mohamad 🇱🇧 | Substack
Upcoming updates for the blog!
This is a small update but quite crucial! RSS support will be added to the blog in an upcoming update! This is because I am starting to utilize RSS based feeds on an app called Reeder 5 so I got the inspiration to add this support so that maybe one of the readers who do use RSS might consider this
also a new addition to the blog that I have compiled a list of all of the links I am available at, you can access them here
Reminder: I am always looking for guests for the podcast
if you feel that you have something to say on an episode then feel free to reach out! We do have a list of upcoming potential guests so things might take some time but it would be worth the wait!
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