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Enter your email. Get reconfigured. - Issue #4

This is the 4th issue of this newsletter and it is packing a decent amount of updates to follow on ranging from podcast episodes to news and announcements

A long list of guests on the way!
Thanks to Polywork we were able to secure 70+ interested contributors to be guests on “The Reconfigured Podcast” which is amazing! I am passing on them one by one so if you are one of the many people who showed interest on Polywork for the podcast opportunity please be patient with me here.
Episode 8 with Rawad Assaf
This podcast episode with Rawad was quite interesting and intriguing at a certain level where his company RAMS utilizes Clojure as a language of choice when it comes to developing their software. I have known Rawad for more than 3 years and it was a joy to have him on the podcast
#8 - Rawad Assaf: Founder, CTO, Mentor, and Clojure | The Reconfigured Podcast
After doing the episode, Rawad got motivated to write an article about why his company chose Clojure as the language of choice and it is quite of an interesting read to be honest!
Why Clojure? Part1: A recruitment perspective | by Rawad Assaf | Jun, 2022 | Medium
Episode 9 with Jackson Gabbard
Jackson was a previous Facebook employee who started the whole engineering team for Facebook in the UK, his story of how he started to write code and how he reached to Facebook is quite an interesting story!
He shared insights and expertise ranging from “why re-writes are not a good solution than fixing the existing bugs in your project” and “doing software that can scale naturally”
#9 - Jackson Gabbard: CTO, Facebook, Refactorer, and Mentor | The Reconfigured Podcast
Episode 10 with Luciano Mammino
Humbled to host an episode with Luciano where he told the story of how he co-wrote a book called “NodeJS Best Practices” that is published by Packt along the experiences he has done in the past utilizing AWS especially on Serverless where he co-authored Middy a well know NodeJS AWS Lambda middleware used by almost any software developer who uses Serverless on Nodejs
#10 - Luciano Mammino: Senior Architect, CTO, Writer, Speaker | The Reconfigured Podcast
Pivoting the podcast to a different scale
When I first started the podcast, my aim is to feature software developers, tech leads, and CTOs but a good portion of those episodes do talk about technical topics but most of them are aiming towards non technical topics like managerial, business, and much more
So we are going to pivot to include non tech oriented people on the podcast! this can stretch towards project managers, CEOs, designers, and much more that are around the tech scene
The reason I am stating this is due to the fact that it still falls under the “reconfigured” word which is the idea of the podcast in the first place.
Content quality and quantity
Two parts to discuss here which are: content quality for future blog posts and content quantity for the podcast.
The content quality for future blog posts will be done through peer reviewing articles written by myself with highly skilled software developers from various big tech companies (AWS, Google, Microsoft, and much more)
The content quantity of podcast episodes is that I will be cutting down those long episodes into smaller videos to be posted on Instagram as Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts (this will take some time to do and they will be gradually be posted throughout time)
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