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This is the 6th issue for the newsletter, this issue contains one piece of information to be shared.

New Second Brain Setup
I have been utilizing Obsidian for the sake of creating my own second brain as an extension of my notes which gets migrated to The Codex Project later on, a new change in the blueprints of the project that it will house different topics based on the following structure.
It utilizes the Dewey Decimal System similar to that structure used in libraries to organize books of different genres which goes as the follows:
  • 000 Maps
  • 100 Books
  • 200 Programming
  • 210 Data Structures
  • 220 Algorithms
  • 230 Machine Learning
  • 240 Artificial Intelligence
  • 250 Data Analytics
  • 260 Databases
  • 270 Security
  • 280 Cloud Providers
  • 300 Math
  • 400 Statistics
  • 500 Courses
  • 600 Guided Notes
  • 700 White Papers
  • 800 General Notes
  • 900 Identifiers
  • 910 References
  • 920 Resources
This structure might change later on in the future but for now this will be a starting point, Books might include sub categories based on type but for now it will be on the same folder
Identifiers are files that identify a specific category or type to be referenced on later on. Take for example “Psychology” which is an identifier to be used on several notes, helping to create the graph in a much clearer path to know how the data is being linked.
This is nothing more than an organizational method for making the folder structuring much easier but on The Codex Project there wouldn’t be any difference at all.
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Mohamad @technolaaji

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